A terrifying demon referred to as Loab retains appearing in photos established by artificially smart (AI) textual content-to-graphic generators.

Loab was created by negatively weighted prompts and her macabre visual appeal continually turns up in pictures, even when the AI is directed away from Loab’s prompts.

The creepy monster was identified by Supercomposite, who is a Swedish musician.

“I identified this girl, who I connect with Loab, in April. The AI reproduced her extra effortlessly than most celebs. Her presence is persistent, and she haunts each and every graphic she touches,” writes Supercomposite.

What Are Negative Weighted Prompts?

Negatively weighted prompts are when you explain to an AI to make an impression glance as distinctive from the text prompt as possible.

“With these [negative weights], alternatively of producing an picture of the textual content prompt, the AI attempts to make the image search as distinct from the prompt as probable,” states Supercompste on Twitter.

Originally, Supoercomposite tried out to make a destructive picture of Marlon Brando, but as a substitute, an impression of a cake was developed.

“I questioned: is the opposite of that logo, in convert, likely to be a image of Marlon Brando?” Writes the AI-image creator.

She then typed in the text that appeared on the cake with the detrimental pounds instruction and obtained a established of “off-placing photos.”

“All of the exact same devastated-hunting more mature female with defined triangles of rosacea on her cheeks.”

Supercompsite then applied the photos of Loab as an impression prompt, and to her horror, the AI saved throwing up gory, really disturbing photographs.

She “cross-bred” different photos with the shots of Loab and time and time all over again a exclusive, and unnerving Load character would normally appear.


“There is something moving to me about these grotesque scenes and the desperation, worry, and sadness that they express,” Supercomposite adds.

“The images that result from crossing Loab with other illustrations or photos can in flip be crossbred with other illustrations or photos. The AI can latch on to the notion of Loab so well that she can persist by means of generations of this variety of crossbreeding, without utilizing the initial impression.”

As an example, Supercomposite posted a image of Loab as Kirby, as a bee, and as a character from Avatar.

Loab as Avatar
Loab as a bee

“The notion of ‘Loabness’ grew to become additional summary to me. I would include her in prompts that I knew would nearly distort her outside of recognition,” the Swede claims.

“After she disappeared from the picture breeding lineage, she would in some cases reappear, later on down the line, out of nowhere.”

The graphic creator says that the lesson from Loab is that image prompting, alternatively than textual content prompting, can be made use of as a customized vector “to query the latent space.

Creepy AI

As if Loab wasn’t terrifying enough, this week also noticed a viral video clip from Scott Lighthiser who utilised Secure Diffusion, a online video transformers, and an audio transformer to generate the under creepy video clip.

The video clip, produced completely from AI technological know-how and utilizing platforms that are all absolutely free to use, underlines how rapid this technological know-how is creating as folks get started to exploit it in extra innovative ways.

Picture credits: All visuals by Supercomposite.