It’s a matter. Evidently.


You under no circumstances truly know other people. You may possibly imagine you do but, a single day, they’re going to say or do a little something that so surprises you, and you can expect to reimagine your whole perspective of them.

Often, technological know-how drives them toward these surprising options. As my instance, I present a little something I merely never ever knew that men and women did: Pay attention to a podcast while swimming.

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Does that seem odd to you? I constantly thought of swimming as an elemental pursuit. You can find you in pretty couple clothing, the h2o with incredibly number of ripples and a sense of peaceful exertion, coupled with peculiar bubbling noises in your ears.

This would not seem to be the case for absolutely everyone. 

A company identified as H2O Audio insists it is just not. It wrote to me insisting it is not. “We have formally introduced the H2O Audio Pro Sequence with the new Playlist+ know-how,” its enthusiastic press spokesperson told me in an email.

Playlist+? What could this suggest?

Effectively, it is a “groundbreaking engineering that loads and shops articles from any well-known streaming app into the memory of headphones for offline playback later on in the course of a swim, run, or work out.”

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The firm muses that this is found “nowhere else in the planet.” Though I muse about what type of matters I might like to listen to though swimming.

Remember to do not explain to me “motivational speeches” or “meditational moods.” Make sure you, rather, tell me “news of governments drowning in sleaze and dreadful politicians sinking with out trace.”

“How deep does this go?” I listen to you mumble by the bubbles.

H2O insists that its Professional Collection has an IPX8 score. This permits you to go 12 feet underneath and nonetheless pay attention safely to gardening recommendations from industry experts.

And goodness, you can load your favored appears and podcasts while you sleep and your headphones are charging.

So there, is this a little something you have ever regarded? Is this one thing that’ll make your early morning swim more edifying? Could this strengthen your efficiency? We are all on the lookout to make improvements to our effectiveness, are not we?

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I are unable to notify you whether this is a sensory practical experience that’ll improve your lifetime. I are not able to even explain to you no matter if it’s truly worth the $160 for the privilege of savoring it.

Still, H2O Audio CEO and founder Kristian Rauhala insists: “This is something our clients have been requesting for several years.”

I question if he could document that sentence on a streaming application so that customers can down load it and pay attention to it on a loop whilst they swim.