Lauren Goode: Sure.

Brenda Stolyar: Of course.

Michael Calore: Lauren.

Lauren Goode: Mike.

Michael Calore: Lauren, where by are you? I are not able to see your eyes. I look at your encounter and I just see type of a bluish purple blob where by your eyes are. Are you in there?

Lauren Goode: Hold on. Permit me twist my digital crown on my Apple Eyesight Pro headset.

Michael Calore: Oh, I can see your eyes now, but you still really feel kind of like distant. You’re not definitely paying notice.

Lauren Goode: That’s the thing with blended reality. You happen to be there, but you’re not. But you’re below, but you’re not.

Michael Calore: Are you existing enough to do a podcast?

Lauren Goode: I believe we should really podcast.

Michael Calore: Okay. Let’s do it.

Michael Calore: Hi every person. Welcome to Gadget Lab. I am Michael Calore. I am a senior editor at WIRED.

Lauren Goode: And I’m Lauren Goode. I’m a senior writer at WIRED.

Michael Calore: And we are also joined this 7 days by WIRED product writer and reviewer Brenda Stolyar. Welcome back, Brenda.

Brenda Stolyar: Thank you. I am happy to be back 1 calendar year afterwards.

Michael Calore: Indeed, you are here in the room with us for our 600th episode. You need to really feel entirely honored.

Brenda Stolyar: Oh, wow.

Lauren Goode: Oh my gosh. It is the 600th episode.

Michael Calore: It’s range 6 zero zero.

Brenda Stolyar: Congrats you fellas.

Michael Calore: Many thanks.

Lauren Goode: I wonder what that quantity implies in numerology. We really should look it up.

Brenda Stolyar: Ooh.

Lauren Goode: Could be a unique number.

Brenda Stolyar: Appear it up for the conclude of the exhibit.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. I will.

Brenda Stolyar: Ok.

Michael Calore: It means the singularity is approaching.

Lauren Goode: We must almost certainly inform individuals what we were being initially setting up for our 600th episode.

Michael Calore: We were going to float in a pool.

Lauren Goode: We have been. We had an extremely random thought that we ended up just heading to go find a pool somewhere, and all of us were being likely to sit there and tread water with our tiny Zoom helpful recorders up to our faces and document a podcast. And our producer was basically on board with this.

Michael Calore: Guaranteed.

Lauren Goode: Boone, the most excellent producer in the planet. Most producers would be like, “This seems like a nightmare from an audio viewpoint. You happen to be bringing electronics into the pool.” We were like, “No, we’re heading to do this.” We experienced a pool in head, and we were being heading to invite Mat Honan to occur on the clearly show.

Michael Calore: Yeah, just ghosts of Gadget Lab earlier, I assume.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. We had this full program, and then Apple occurred.

Michael Calore: And then Apple happened.