The immediate development in generative AI tech is substantially modifying the finish threat scenario considering that menace actors actively exploit this tech for a number of illicit functions.

Although in addition to this, the misleading chatbot expert services are now fueled by a different two copycat hacker instruments that are entirely based mostly on ChatGPT‘s attractiveness.

FalconFeedsio lately identified two new black hat AI applications, and here they are mentioned under:-

XXXGPT and Wolf GPT (Resource – Twitter)


A hacker forum user was found to be promoting a malicious ChatGPT variant, boasting several illicit options dubbed “XXXGPT.”

Whilst on the other hand, security analysts also found yet another black hat AI tool dubbed “Wolf GPT.” Wolf GPT is a Python-crafted alternative to ChatGPT that promises total confidentiality with multitudes of malicious intentions.

Apart from this, the builders of these black hat AI equipment assert that these tools are completely complex and innovative, geared up with numerous groundbreaking options and products and services.

Precisely, the XXXGPT developers declare that they have backed their instrument with a crew of 5 authorities mostly personalized to your project.

In addition, apart from the aforementioned two equipment, experts have just lately made noteworthy conclusions of an more pair of tools, exclusively dependent on ChatGPT’s technologies.

Features of XXXGPT

Here underneath, we have described all the functions of XXXGPT:-

  • Supplies code for botnets
  • Gives code for RATs
  • Gives code for malware
  • Delivers code for critical loggers
  • Delivers code for crypter
  • Presents code for infostealer
  • Supplies code for Cryptostealer
  • Provides code for POS malware
  • Supplies code for ATM malware

Options of Wolf GPT

Listed here down below, we have outlined all the functions of Wolf GPT:-

  • Provides entire confidentiality
  • Empower impressive cryptographic malware creation
  • Sophisticated phishing assaults

Black Hat AI Resources Found Nevertheless

Here under, we have mentioned all the black hat AI applications found out nevertheless:-


Although the most worrisome issues about these equipment are, they could be quickly exploited by the two beginner or advanced danger actors for monetary gains.

Below we have talked about all the tips made available by the stability scientists:-

  • Constantly be prepared with a strong defense-in-depth system.
  • Make guaranteed to mandate BEC-Particular instruction.
  • Generally use a robust safety resolution.
  • Be certain thorough stability telemetry.
  • Make sure to put into action improved e mail verification steps.

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