A short while ago, the cybersecurity scientists at ASEC (AhnLab Protection Emergency Reaction Center) uncovered that the operators of Crysis ransomware are actively using the Venus ransomware in their operations.

Both Crysis and Venus are nicely-recognised for targeting the remote desktop products and services that are externally exposed, and it been exposed that the assaults are becoming released through RDP by the AhnLab Intelligent Defense (ASD) logs.

Aside from this, Crysis and Venus are not on your own, as the menace actor also deployed various other instruments like:-

Even though such malicious tools can also target the infected units inside of the inner network of the organization. 

Crysis Ransomware Assault

Threat actors exploit RDP as an assault vector, and they find active and externally obtainable devices.

Vulnerable programs encounter brute force or dictionary attacks, and weak account credentials help threat actors to obtain entry to those people accounts easily.

To perform a wide range of malicious actions and functions, the received credentials enable menace actors to handle methods by means of RDP.

Here, the Venus ransomware tends to make use of RDP as the attack vector, making various malware sorts by way of explorer.exe, a legit Windows Explorer method.

Installation log for various malware
Installation log for various malware (Supply – AhnLab)

In earlier attacks, the risk actor experimented with Crysis ransomware for encryption but failed. Alternatively, they tried Venus ransomware for encryption afterward.

Before Venus, tried Crysis
Right before Venus, experimented with Crysis (Supply – AhnLab)

Moreover, the risk actor frequently utilised Crysis ransomware to attack other devices, and they qualified externally exposed RDP expert services similarly. 

As soon as prosperous, the attacker accessed and infected other units with Crysis ransomware via RDP. In the infected technique, the threat actor deploys numerous malware styles, and the scanners and credential theft equipment are mounted from NirSoft.

In this article underneath, we have talked about all the applications that are employed in the attacks:-

  • Venus Ransomware
  • Crysis Ransomware
  • Mimikatz
  • World-wide-web Browser Password Viewer – NirSoft
  • Mail PassView – NirSoft
  • VNCPassView – NirSoft
  • Wi-fi Vital Look at – NirSoft
  • BulletsPassView – NirSoft
  • RouterPassView – NirSoft
  • MessenPass (IM Password Recovery) – NirSoft
  • Distant Desktop PassView – NirSoft
  • Community Password Recovery – NirSoft
  • Community Share Scanner

Threat actor hijacks technique working with RDP and scans network with the support of resources that we have pointed out higher than to look at if the contaminated system belongs to a unique network.

If so, ransomware conducts internal reconnaissance, gathers account credentials, and encrypts other network systems.

Mimikatz aids this system, and the collected account information enables lateral movement to community programs. Even though in a Crysis assault, the threat actor employs RDP for lateral motion in the community.

On prosperous execution of Crysis ransomware, end users would have been confronted with the subsequent ransom be aware.

Crysis Ransom take note (Source – AhnLab)

Menace actor copies files to the Obtain folder, including bild.exe_ for Venus ransomware, and to encrypt extra information it terminates the pursuing matters:-

  • Business office
  • E mail customers
  • Databases

On effective deployment, the Venus ransomware alters the desktop and then it presents the consumer with a README file that warns details is stolen, data files encrypted and prompts users to create contact within just 48 several hours.

Venus Ransom be aware (Resource – AhnLab)


RDP solutions are actively exploited by the danger actors for preliminary compromise and lateral motion, that’s why security analysts have strongly suggested:-

  • Make guaranteed to deactivate unused RDP to decrease makes an attempt.
  • Always use powerful passwords.
  • Make positive to alter passwords periodically.
  • Make sure to update V3 to avoid malware.

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