If you’re someone who goes to the gym like clockwork, works out at a fitness center, or takes a class at a studio, your gym bag is a necessity. Packing a decently-sized gym bag is an excellent way to stay organized, look professional, and never forget anything at home.

So now that you know how important it is to carry a gym bag, what are the must-have items that you need to keep in it? Explore these awesome fitness gadgets and essentials to pack in your gym bag.

1. Smart Muscle Roller

One essential device to bring with you to your workouts is a muscle roller. The Therabody Wave Duo is a powerful smart vibrating muscle roller that’s small enough to pop into any gym bag. The device works using Bluetooth, so you can connect it to the Therabody companion app on your smartphone.

The app lets you choose between various guided routines as well as different vibration frequency levels in the roller itself. Along with the vibrations, the Therabody Wave Duo’s specific curves and wave texture work to ease problems such as neck tension and back pain.

2. Percussion Massager

A percussion massager can help you relieve muscle tension during your warm-up and cool-down routines. The Theragun Mini is a pocket-sized, yet impressive massage gun. This device features three distinct attachments and connectivity to the Therabody companion app. What makes the Theragun Mini an excellent addition to your gym bag is how compact and portable it is.

So when you’re suddenly hit with muscle pain, you can simply grab your Theragun Mini device, get instant relief, and help your muscles recover faster.

3. Smart Hydrogen Water Bottle

levelupway glass hydrogen generator water bottle

A water bottle is one of the most important gym bag items. Forget about a regular water bottle and use a smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated.

The LevelUpWay Water Bottle does not provide hydration reminders but instead uses unique technology to add extra hydrogen to your water. According to research in Nature, hydrogen-rich water can work as an antioxidant to reduce inflammation. It also has benefits such as reduced fatigue, boosted vitality, and improved metabolism.

4. Bottle That Reminds You to Hydrate

If you’d prefer a smart water bottle with hydration reminders then opt for the HidrateSpark. It’s small, stainless steel, and features colorful glow reminders to make sure you stay hydrated during your workout.

Plus, you can use the HidrateSpark mobile app to join different challenges, set daily hydration goals, view your overall hydration history, and even earn hydration trophies.

5. Wearable Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 5 is the newest and most advanced fitness and health tracker from Fitbit. And even given its small size, it can effectively monitor your heart rate and track your sleep, steps, EDA, Sp02, and skin temperature.

Additionally, the Charge 5 has nifty onboard GPS tracking. You might not be someone who enjoys wearing a fitness tracker 24/7, but that’s why you need to make sure your Charge 5 is always packed in your gym bag.

6. No-Screen Fitness Tracker

There are pros and cons to buying a fitness tracker, so if you prefer to use a basic fitness tracker then the Whoop 4.0 is for you. This fitness tracker is a little different from the rest—it doesn’t have a display screen, and it doesn’t count steps. What the Whoop 4.0 centers on is body data collection.

Therefore, it’s a must-have in your gym bag because it tracks your strain and recovery and then gives you a daily score. Your strain and recovery score can then help you figure out how intense your workout for the day should be.

7. Exercise-Ready Earbuds

What is a workout without music? In fact, listening to music when you exercise can keep you motivated and reduce any feelings of pain. Wireless, noise-canceling, secure, and comfortable, the Beats Fit Pro is the perfect pair of fitness earbuds.

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds feature a flexible wingtip design that allows them to fit securely and stay in different-sized ears, whether you’re going all out in a spinning class or pumping some iron. Moreover, the handy charging case makes them easy to store and find in your gym bag.

8. Over-Ear Headphones

Under Armour project rock over-ear training headphones

Wireless earbuds might not be your first choice when you pack your gym bag. Perhaps they’re too small, or you habitually lose them. Whatever the reason, the Under Armour Project Rock Headphones can provide you with that extra hit of dopamine to get you through your workout.

Besides having a super cool, rugged design, the headphones are hands-free, noise-canceling, and boast TalkThru Technology. TalkThru Technology works well in a gym setting as it lowers your music level and allows you to have a quick chat without taking your headphones off.

9. Smart Resistance Bands

Not every gym has the specific equipment you’re looking for. And even if it does, chances are someone’s already using it. The WEGYM Resistance Bands are smart, durable, portable, and completely adjustable.

All you have to do is connect to the WEGYM companion app, and you can track your own workout or find a program on the app. The resistance band workouts offer something for everyone, whether you want to do a session targeting your core, legs, glutes, or full body.

10. Smart Workout Clothes

If everything else in your gym bag can be smart, why can’t your clothing be too? Prevayl SmartWear combines fitness tracking with fashion using a small sensor that fits snugly into a hidden pocket tailored to each piece of clothing.

From there, the sensor collects your exercise data with the help of the smart underband fitted into the clothing. Prevayl offers a wide range of gym gear for both men and women, including sports bras, T-shirts, tanks, and long sleeve shirts.

11. Smart Gym Bag

Of course, your gym bag itself is the most important piece of gear. How else will you carry around all these great fitness gadgets and essentials? While you could just use a regular old boring gym bag, it’s better to get a bag that is elevated to ensure it lasts for a long time. Moreover, it could even be a smart gym bag that uses tech to keep everything inside fresh and clean.

For example, the NOVO Smart Bag connects to the DRESSFRESH app to refresh the items in your bag in a few short minutes. If you have a variety of pieces that need a bit more attention, you even have the option to choose an hour-long cleaning cycle.

Gym Bag Gadgets to Ensure You’re Prepared for an Awesome Workout Session

For some people, it’s tough to muster up the motivation to get up and go to the gym. But whether you struggle with this or not, it’s never nice arriving at the gym and realizing you’ve forgotten something. That’s why it’s important to routinely pack your gym bag with essential fitness gadgets, from a compact vibrating roller and portable resistance bands to smart gym clothing and the perfect wireless earbuds. You don’t need them all, but at the very least, pack one of these awesome fitness gadgets for your next workout.